Pantiesism broke DVD sales records in January 2007, hence this delightful commissioned DVD of Angelique for your DVD collection. Angelique, an English lass starts off by bending over, then does a lot of boob bouncing, clothed and topless. Angelique shows her panty, pulling them aside to show pussy. She consoles, guiding, you down, using the phrase "sexy c**t!" as her quick panty flick presents. "Panty or Pussy?", mesmerising you repeatedly, as she flicks her panties open and then closed and continues, repeating her probing question in relationship to which you prefer, as she displays that desired grotto.
Are you her panty master or her panty slave? "You won't be able to give me the "f*ck" I sometimes need!" bemoaning your intense interest only in her panties. "Sometimes I need a master." (Panty Master).

Kneeling at your feet awaiting your cock's demands. She pleads "I'm begging you. Please let me suck your cock! I'll do whatever your cock wants me to do!", imploring with her baby blue eyes. She always fails to be f*cked" because every panty check, you make, reveal wet panties. Your mandatory criteria, unsoiled, white panties. "If their not damp you'll f*ck me!... If I write one hundred times - I will not wet my knickers, will you then service me?", she pleads. However, she really turns the tables, (we will keep this secret) and makes your hot cock completely subservient. "I'm going to take these panties off. I'm going to shove them right up my 'c**t'. Do you want to see?" A very slow, ritualistic panty stuffing and retrieval follows. A high heel shoe helps in this feminine extraction.

The scene changes and she seductively talks about her panties - showing and trying on her entire collection and then savoring the pussy scent on each by inhaling and lovingly adoring, that sweet wet dewy nectar contained within the soft panty fabric. Lots of completely shaved pussy views too as she frigs her panty veil and the pouting pussy beneath. Some jewelry through her vaginal lips completes the perfect pussy. Angelique expects you to not murmur or sigh, if you wish to smell her panties. Angelique later states, "Remember though if you come before I tell you to, you will NEVER get my pussy! Cock will stay soft!"

"How much kind sir, would you pay, to help a girl out? Fresh wet panties for sale!" with a touch of Shakespearian pathos, will finish you off! Angelique's really cute and smiles very nicely, even when her boobs must have been tender from the bouncing. At the end, there is a slow-motion boob bouncing segment. Pantiesism's DVD editor and credit card processor and dispatcher, just loved this...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue and music sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 55 minutes ) Buy Now!!

A m b r o s i a   f o r   y o u r   p e n i s  

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