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   Being intimate with the man or woman we love is sometimes more difficult than we would like. Apotheosis helps. It teaches us gentleness and a heathy loving respect for each other. We are not totally responsible for
each others happiness. Given. We compliment, and add to the contentment of our partner.

Depth In A World Of Increasing Shallowness

   Apotheosis is intense, encouraging us to go deeper within ourselves. The answer lies there untapped and not as some  would suggest, in the world outside.


   Past disappointments and hurt weigh us down metaphysically as in real life. Trust is earnt, as respect is. A Panty  Slave learns to trust his Panty Mistress to kindly guide him - Little One intuitively allows her Panty Master to
lovingly  mentor and disipline her if necessary.

Realms Aplenty

   All elements of sensuality, sexuality and spirituality dwell in Apotheosis. From the high minded haunts of A Panty  Princess or a Zen master, to the sultry earthy lust of a Panty Serf and his female companion, a Little Panty Teaser.  Apotheosis caters to every state that can be felt and imagined, except those that have hatred in their hearts. In  Apotheosis no morality exists, only low energy activities, uplifting to higher energy activities and thoughts in the hallowed  canons of the souls outpourings.


   Hierarchal systems have received bad press, mostly because the people that often hold such positions are incapable  and incompetent. Apotheosis is modelled almost totally on this platform, a structure itself that has a qualitive  foundation and the facility to reward the capable. We find our own niche in life.

Spirit Versus Sexual

   Much has been written, debated and philosophized about this apparent chasm in parallel conditions. The spirit  remains aloof in lofty abodes relegating sexuality to a soiled lower level. We aim to unite them.


   Who among us can say we were not born out of lust, albeit within the context of a loving relationship? Why do we  see fit to demonise a human state?

Role Play Examples

   Both Panty Master and Panty Mistress have an exciting responsibility in the welfare of their protege'. Little One  adores her Panty Master, subservient, and in awe and reverence at his feet, longing for his consideration  and love.  Has she earnt his kindness and wisdom?
 A Panty Slave loves a woman's panty crotch. Noble indeed but he must be educated to elevate himself to unselfishly  please his woman. A Panty Mistress's task is to gently wean him off a panty crotch preoccupation , allowing him to  totally love her, thus providing for her every, need, whim and indulgence. A Panty Mistress may visit his pleasure but  her upliftment to higher areas ultimately rests in helping him expand in being.

Panty Devotee

   If male and a devotee of panties or women in panties, Apotheosis is for you. You may be quite happy with panty  tease and aspire to nothing further. The panties are a gateway into pussy of course, or an ever expanding horizon of  possibilities. Passing the panty rack at the supermarket will hold novel potential.

Varied Planes

   There are varied planes; sexual, sensual and spiritual, intellectual, emotional you can play Apotheosis on. Each  realm has similar characters with higher or lesser values in their essence. A "Panty Master" is a lower incarnation of  a "Master". It is breathtakingly dynamic, intense and exciting. There is heaps of sensuality and sex in the lower  realms of Apotheosis. Icing on the cake often enchants and invites us into regions normally we would seldom travel.  Lust and instant pleasure relent to the higher pursuits and outlooks in upward strata's. This mirrors human progress.

Boundless Imagination And Good Verbal Skills Will Aid You

   Men and women 'of letters' will be lost in nuances in Apotheosis. You can dwell only in a spirtual domain. Players  require the skill and ability to creatively adopt each personna, to locate their ideal level.

Free Access

    Buy 8 DVD-R at Pantiesism, grants you automatic free entry into Apotheosis, as a "Panty Serf"
naturally  enough in search of a "Little Panty Teaser" You MUST request Apotheosis with your DVD-R order.

Monthly Updates/Feedback

   Those people that buy access to Apotheosis, you will receive full details, and also monthly updates. We are  approachable for advice and request people playing, plenty of feedback.

Questionnaire - Apotheosis

If you have no idea of an answer to a particular question, then guess.

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Partners are matched. The complete criteria for Apotheosis is dynamic and ever developing. The questionnaire, provides a fortaste, an entree into the main course. We give you the opportunity and allow you the creative
energy of your imagination. Though sexually explicit especially in the lower regions, it leads to expanding
vistas of light, hope and love.

Camella's voice will take you on a fantasy flight and your appreciation gentlemen is shown in the usual way!

Camella Rose premieres "Apotheosis"

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