We open with Ashleigh outdoors in a sundress, denim shorts. She kneels on a garden chair, bottom towards you, and then sits in a wicker chair. Spreading her legs, avails denim crotch. Her sundress is shucked off, along with the blue faded denims, revealing an orange/red bikini. Ashleigh bends over and prepares to sunbathe, adjusting the bikini with her bottom in view, along with similiar coverage from the front. She pulls the bikini bottom on and off - you get all of her.

Lying face down, her ass arched up, momentarily, she plays with the bathing garnent, tightening, loosening, defining her seductive outline. Fingers discover pussy within, and she loses herself to the magic of masturbation. Cast off, the bikini bottom lies beside her and the bikini top meets the same fate. Panning on her bottom, the camera basks in her beauty.

She wobbles her naked breasts, smiling, which includes making the same movement with her bottom. Offering a present of masturbation, she confides about her bosom, and open vagina as she masturbates with intensity.

After work it is relaxing time. Ashleigh attired in white, top, black skirt and black f**k me, stilletoes. Adjusting her skirt, revealing her red panties, tightly clung around her bottom crack. Reclining on the couch, spreading her legs to illustrate her panties, and ritualistically, she removes her high heels. Playtime with panties, kind enough to lower, to accentuate her private parts. Opening her panties, and the scene from above, as she sculpts the panties over her ardent body, and at times away from the sanctitude of her vagina.

Lying on the sofa, red panty highlighted, covered crotch, pleasing eye contact and teasing smile, Ashleigh pulls up her panties, as if in the throes of getting them nice and wet for a used panties connoisseur. Undoing her top, her breasts find expression, accompanied by her delicate fingers, rubbing and abrading her red pantied pussy. Her top finally divested, followed by panties and skirt. She plays some erotic notes within the confines of her soft, invitingly moist palace, shown from different angles. Overtly, candid deep internal visions, she moans "I enjoy showing my panties - and my juicy wet panties." Filmed In Wide screen "Pantyvisionarama"...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue and music sound track - Duration 31 minutes ) Buy Now!!
A m b r o s i a   f o r   y o u r   p e n i s   

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