Ashton announces; criteria; gorgeously young, long slender legged, short skirts and a clean, sweet shaven c**t beneath her panties."I'm here to tease your cock." Lots of attire changes and panty peeps first and then happily displaying assets of upskirt, panty and eventually - darling pussy. "But not yet."
Ashton understands, a panty tease should be considered, unhurried, finding its own pace and expression. Her lovely hair cascades down. Short black skirt and white top, an opportunity to absorb her lovely long legs. "Do you like it when I bend over so you can see down my nice little top?" Black skirt up for mandatory little peek of her white panties. "Do you like to look at my panty? Do you like to peep up my skirt?" Her white pantied ass will keep you amused as she lifts her skirt, the panties ever stretching across her bottom. A myriad of panty peeps! "Does that pleasure your cock?"

Attire change of pink top and black skirt...a panty change too to pink, as she teasingly displays. "It's very hard to be lady like with such a short skirt on!" Close up view of panties, Ashton asks for your approval. She stands in a white bra, small lacy panties and black skirt which is hitched up so you can see a glimpse of her pretty panties. "Do you want to see what's under my little panties?" Panty flicks equal young pristine groomed pussy. The international "cock rub" gesture follows; "Does it want to make you pull on your cock?" Naughty black bra and panty g string befits this adapt teaser bad girl and her skirt is pulled up to parade her fulsome ass. "They are soft and velvety...very soft against my pussy." The panties need to be pulled aside which they duly are! Leg spreads on the couch in matching sparkling blue bra and panty ensemble. "Point my pussy at you!" Then a worm's eye view with her above in blue bra and panties. She's in charge and you just want to watch, transfixed. "Does that help you come looking at my bald pussy?"as her skirt and panties are in disarray. Tits, pussy or ass; the choices she gives your cock for relief. The genre of panty tease never had such an exciting practitioner...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 45 minutes ) Buy Now!!

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