Barbara bends over in her car and her white panties hug her bottom; an h'orderve to the main course of upskirt, panties, and a young lady dancing over you. The introduction of looking up her skirt, begins, as she walks to the filming venue, and is supplemented, as she climbs the stairs, and also presents herself on a treadmaster machine, for some additional indulgence. Barbara continually regards you, gazing at her panty crotch. In many panties, white cotton, white see through panties, black panties, and dotted panties, all are moistened by her needy wet pussy. She tastes, smells, licks and sucks on her panties. If, her scent is like late dew, on a Spring morning, her lips are sealed.

Gyrating in panties, three camera angles grant us the complete picture - a stiff penis is the total sum of her expectations. She loves jiving, and letting the panty conform to her body, occasionally pulling the panty up her, intermixed with some pussy, partly veiled by her panties and the prevailing scenes will stir your manhood. And she repeatedly takes her panties off in full view of you, determining her unpantied vulva. Her lips whether facial or vaginal constantly compete, vying for your attention. Barbara pouts, a facsimile of what may be happening within her panties? And men who love pantied bottom, also are given their anal desserts. She stoops to conquer. No wide open vagina, just a mere hint, of a welcoming slit. And her smile, fleeting, will ensure your hardening desire.

Barbara, gains access to Pantiesism web site as she frigs herself off. You'll love her validation of your panty fetish, going from one ladies panty tease DVD review to another.

A number of artificial cocks, finish the show off. She licks them, while gazing into your eyes. Everything seems to find its way into Barbara's pussy; the panties lodge deep into the crevice from what they were manufactured, to cover, conceal and console - the Pyrex dildo discovers its makers blueprint, as each plunge, sated into her warm, languid sweetness. All the cream from her coochie is put to good use, either in her soaked panties or as naughty nectar for her discerning palate. You won't begrudge her slipping the cocks into herself, she got you off - now its her box's turn. Music sound track with Barbara's sighs and moans, recorded, as she climaxes at the DVD finale...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 68 minutes ) Buy Now!!

A m b r o s i a   f o r   y o u r   p e n i s  

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