Nostalgic placed adverts for gorgeous women who want to take their clothes off for their cameras for the first time. One letter with a pic from a girl called Brandi Shot meant that they would get to grips with this gorgeous 23 year old rich sex bomb. Well they turn up and are gob smacked at the size of the 7 bed roomed elaborate house. After knocking - there is our dirty little minx, already having been on the wine and in charge of your cock's entertainment for the next hour. The brilliant upskirt stuff in her lounge - the chance of feeling her up and all over as she was really randy they both follow her up the stairs. Upskirt along the way, they enter one of the bedrooms, where she is tipsy...having drunk all of the two bottles of Moet Champagne in the fridge. Nice aside in the kitchen, where if you have ever fantasised about having a woman at the kitchen sink you will enjoy.

On the bed with her and the other poor old dvdographer struggling to keep the camera straight…Pantied pussy does that to a man. Out in the garden. she's trying to climb a tree and one of the dvdographers is sitting on the bench, under it, availing himself of a feel of her pussy, under her skirt and holding the camera. Brandi even tried to undo one of their belts with her teeth!

Up on the balcony, a squeeze of her pert little tits and pulling her knickers (panties) down and returning into the bedroom, Brandi writhes about on the floor and the bed gifting you some excellent vantage points… Definitive upskirt panty tease. You'll love it when this girl loses her inhibitions... Lots of verbal interaction and interplay between Nostalgic and her...
"Naughty ladies who like to show up skirt to their lacy panties for you and often a little more." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 60 minutes ) Buy Now!!

A m b r o s i a   f o r   y o u r   p e n i s  

Brandi Shot 1 Sampler

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