Cindy is Czech and filmed in England and begins by talking on the phone and stating to a girlfriend how big a man, she knows, cock is, in his trousers and how he pulled it out and masturbated. "His cock was SO BIG. Would love to give him a blow job." Obviously she is not offended in the slightest and is looking forward to fucking a man.
Nice upskirt to white panties. She thumbs through a hard core Danish/Swedish magazine of cocks balling pussies. She rubs her breasts as she lifts them out of her white bra. Wide spread legs, many white panty scenes. She pulls her panties aside and shows you some pussy. Delicious Czech pussy! And her white panties stay beside her as if in concert with her vagina. Just the way you love it shown. Open wide vagina illustrating some deep views. Fingers on and then in her magnificent minge. "Know you are there stroking your cock. Like to lick your balls and suck your hard cock! Get your sperm all over my face!"

To an upstairs bedroom she leads you and kneads her bare breasts in the mirror. Topless on the bed, white panties, then panties down and she's into "It" again. Legs wonderfully "akimbo".

Off come her panties, she smells them, "They do smell sweet and I bet you'd like to get them! You would wrap around your hard cock."Minor grammatical errors only make you want her more. She smiles and encourages often. More explicit pussy tease. What a beautiful Czech pussy she has! Fingers now probing, intense and feeling inside. Nice to hear her say "panties" and other words in a slightly foreign accent. A glass vibrator replicating a cock is rubbed against her panties. Cindy likens it to your cock and she knows that you would love to come onto the panties so she can lick it off. The dildo finds its way to caressing her breasts and then quite naturally it locates its home and its pleasure into that expressive cunny. "Wish it was your cock inside." Nice close up of her lovely face. She comes. A fashion parade of various outfits follow. "Guess you want to see my pussy!"

That is a short entree into what this Czech temptress brings to you. Cindy is a cock tease, a panty tease and you get more masturbation than you can shake your cock at! Most explicit DVD we have. Lots of panties but even more pussy. Much, much more. (You will thank our custom client, as we do, who allowed us to market this custom production "Pantiesism" made for him)...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 60 minutes ) Buy Now!!

A m b r o s i a   f o r   y o u r   p e n i s  

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