What is this lovely brunette panty teaser, Deejay going to do with lots of panties on the bed? Answer; enjoy wetting them out for you with her lovely productive pussy. Your penis will yearn to spurt for her panty, and on her pantied veiled vagina, as she describes and relates her panty, both to herself and your cock. "I want to see you stroke that cock for me. It get's me wet! I love it when you point it at me and stroke it!"

She gives her ass a playful swat. "Doesn't my ass look spankable?" At times she pats her panties, over her pussy, with urgency and energy. This mild retribution makes her moist.

Each pair she wears gets damper, quicker and she licks, sucks and makes love to them in her mouth after they have been nestled against her active minge. The panties she strips off, the blue one's, especially, are shamelessly soaked through, and illustrate her juices - we wish could be bottled and sold. "That's one more pair for your collection."

"Maybe I can set a record today. Let's see how many pairs I can soak through."
- a feat of panty soaking few women will ever equal, let alone attempt to better! When she chooses her new panties, her bare assed rear greets you and generously she is in no hurry.

The mammoth heavy duty white vibrator really gives her talented pantied cunny, a real work out - designed to sate a greedy puss puss, coupled with her finger f**king of her tender clit through the panty fabric. "Oh fuck that feels good!" She often licks the fingers that have been in her pussy. "Been stroking that cock for so long let's put it to use! Oh Yeah - penetrate that pussy!"

White, pink, blue and red panties all get the loving treatment as she goes through her entire collection. And she uses a glass penis shaped dildo lustfully on herself. She also "opens up" and shows you her "C**t on the hunt"; the source of all the lovely wet stains on her panties. Deejay confides "I used to be embarrassed when I got wet - between my legs. But now I like to see how wet I can get! Once I soaked through a pair of jeans, just kissing."

"So many panties to wet and so little time!" Deejay confirms. Standing above you in white panties, she pulls tight around herself. "I want to make them wet so you can smell me!" The panties hide, coyly are pulled tight, aside, for those tempting peeps. Again she puts her hand and spanks her pussy. "Like it when you spank it!"

"Love to watch you with my white panties in your hands. Wrap then around your shaft. Stroke yourself hard and fast. Fucking shoot a load right on them." Lots of panty tease here as our pics display. The red panties next and front on tease and then they are up her, both from front and behind views and she asks "Do I make a nice bulls eye?" as her ass is there for your pleasure. And just to get the record straight, she moistened out six pair of panties. She's needs a firm round of applause - an ovation from your cock...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 70 minutes ) Buy Now!!

A m b r o s i a   f o r   y o u r   p e n i s  

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