Leah Wilde is your pantied princess, smelling, sucking and licking her panties, straight from the vagaries of her wet pussy that is extremely productive in soaking the panties out. "I love the way they smell." In a polka dot mini skirt she commences her panty tease. This lovely blonde makes intense eye contact with you, sighing and cooing you to come. Our pics show a panty sucking sequence that will have you spurting. Many scenes, find you positioned, looking up her skirt, immersed helplessly, subservient, at the beck and call of her 'will of the wisp' pantied box. Masturbation with a white vibrator, done in her panties, replicates what you'd like to do. Very attractive shaven pussy too; your penis will ejaculate with want. Superb picture quality too, with great life like colours, perfect exposure and clear as the proverbial bell.

She’s right in front of you, totally in your face - just as your wet dreams inspire and her beautiful long feminine fingers caress both her panties and the pouting pussy beneath; a wanton muffin, that you idolise and make homage to its pantied covered presence. A plethora of panty changes. Leah talks to you about her panties.

"After I wear them they are going to smell just like me. I'd bet you like to smell them when I take them off!" She giggles. "They're nice and soft. I think they might be getting a little wet - playing with my panties always makes me a little wet," flicking the panty part out and then back again, with a loud slap against her ass. "Oh they are wet. Can you see? Look at that, they're wet right there." and she illustrates her point. "I think I've gotten these nice and wet and sticky enough. I want to take them off and see how they're tasting. Watch! The inside right there is pressed against my pussy. MMM, it smells so good! See how it tastes," as her odour perminates her nostrils, mometarily later they find her moist mouth, "It tastes just like me - nice and sweet. I'm going to soak the panties. Let's get this pair on. Sweet little pink panties - aren't they cute? Get that little pussy covered up again."

She really puts her money where her mouth is - the panties are licked, sucked, tasted and stuffed in Leah's mouth, as if mimicking the normal synthesis between her panties and pussy. She treats your cock, when taking of a pair of black panties, she stretches them up, as they rest against her long legs, to take them in her mouth, lovingly sucking on them. Music background compliments her performance...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 60 minutes ) Buy Now!!

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