Lynika plays a little hide and seek game; an Easter hunt for panty. When she finds each pair of panty in the room, there are some instructions, which she recites and completes the erotic task. On one occasion there is some money for her included, and the symbolism of paying for her panty pussy is understood. "I hope it is something kinky. Does making a Pantiesism DVD turn me on? I really like my bald, moist pussy and sometimes when it gets TOO wet, it's nice to have a pair of soft panties rubbing on it." Often when she seeks another "panty box", and is resplendent, on hands and knees and her beautiful bottom is without panty and the view is sublime. "I like to be watched and I like to know that the guy is slipping on my panties. My pussy feels better on a cold day when I am wearing a very short skirt and a pair of cotton panties. " Lynika is Polish and her diction of English could well be tested with the P words, like panty and pussy, and the way she drools over these words, lovingly annunciating to tease, your penis is going to adore. Each Panty Box, is beautifully presented, a gift, exquisitely in keeping with the vagina, between Lynika's legs.

She recounts about bending over in the supermarket and another narrative concerning some mysterious man copping a feel up of her, in a crowd, on the 4th July; noting "It was the ass not the pussy." She would have slapped him or called the cops. When you get to know her better, "You can have a look at my bald puffy pussy." Her cadence of delivery is in like sequence to a penis thrust.

Lynika reads out a request;"Lot's of guys in the Pantiesism audience would love to jerk off and come all over my panties. Could you please pull your panties up into your pussy and give them some great puffy pussy canel toe. And then I should squat down until my pussy is almost touching the camera lens." Panty veiling and revealing her expressive wet pussy, is your power and passion during the production. And a second camera on the floor, focuses on the sanctitude of her panty crotch. Gifting that magnificent muffin, Lynika, both panty and unpantied, with various panty changes - on and off, your DVD purchase will be plenty satisfying; a panty fetishist's wet dream, you might describe it.

The pink panty are too small for her to put on; Lynika uses the availability and readiness of her hot moist box to insert them up her, and provocatively, just the mere pink of the panty material, lies within, which she bids you to extract with your tongue. Each and every panty must be sufficiently pussy soaked with fragrance of her desirous cunny.

Panty is sucked, caressed, licked, bitten, loved as Lynika pays due homage to princess panty, covering her puffy, peach of a pussy. Filmed In Wide screen "Pantyvisionarama" and Lynika tease talking...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 62 minutes ) Buy Now!!

A m b r o s i a   f o r   y o u r   p e n i s  

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