We open with the viewer travelling up a set of stairs and then through a hallway and to a hotel room where when entering is the sexy Melissa, reflectively looking out the window in the upstairs room, perhaps imagining the previous evenings ardent lovemaking or your arrival. Melissa, a 20 year old professional nurse whom Nostalgic's dvdographer met after visiting a friend in hospital, chatting her up at the reception desk! This slim, blonde, blue eyed, nymph needed to boost her income so agreed to let them film her in a hotel room. As she gets HOT in her nurses uniform, black stockings, and high heels with little white cotton undies will definitely have you breaking into a cold sweat. This session is just an aside! She will drive you crazy dressed in a "young teenager" outfit of powder blue flared mini-skirt, skimpy top, and heels! Direct up-the-skirt views will blow your stack completely! After numerous requests and a little gentle "charm" she eventually submitted and down came her panties, to "show her shaved, smooth charms" to the camera!

Melissa gets into the habit of peeling back her panties and gives the occasional discreet pussy peep - on the bed in her hotel room and outdoors. Melissa is a bad girl in the hotel and then in the country, letting her golden hair cascade around her shoulders gleaming in the late sunlight, like a beautiful foreign spy, standing above you, allowing you to covet her pantied private charms. You'll notice her by a fence which is sheathed in barbwire; the barbs, in direct contrast to the promise of her softness - pussy after sunset, with an entree of upskirt to panty shots to get you in the mood. In the back seat of the car she seduces you with a tempting white lacy panty tease, lots of eye contact and interaction with the camera and oral: lips, mouth, prolonged finger and breast sucking, probing looks and expressions of craving your hard one up. What man doesn't like a glimpse of beaver?

Although Melissa doesn't masturbate, this DVD marked Nostalgic's gradual transition from a softer style to a harder edge with masturbation, while remaining faithful to a prelude of up skirt panty teasing. The viewer does gets a peep at her shaved pussy and the complimentary abundance of panties and up skirt too. Features include: Mini "business skirt" and halter top, high heels, stockings, white knickers, power blue mini skirt, pink mini skirt, nurses uniform...
"Naughty ladies who like to show up skirt to their lacy panties for you and often a little more." (Originally analogue mastered - Remastered in DVD - Music sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 60 minutes) Buy Now!!

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