Leah does some exercises for you and where if you were in a gym, gazing at panty crotch, you might get asked to leave. Leah welcomes your eyes on her.

"Panties A-Plenty" DVD opens with Leah preparing to exercise, track suit attired, setting up the floor mat. Just the ticket for those who love women doing physical routines. She warms up. Next the track suit top comes off - her ample breasts fill out her white bra and them she strips the track suit bottoms off. What panties! On the floor she stretches and leg lifts from side on showcasing her beautiful legs and full sized pantied protected pussy. Legs up in the air - let your gaze wander. Leg lifts from behind emphasise her pantied ass. Close ups. Twisting her body both gracefully and artistically while standing, this energetic young lady will gain your cock's full approval. Nice to hear her breathe deeply with the extended effort. An assorted number of other exercises, continue to allow you to focus on her beautiful legs and panties; crotch and ass. The criteria for your panty inspection might well be "tight and wet". Although it would be fun too to gently castigate her for them being so! Time for a panty change.

The second scene is in the bedroom where she opens a packet of all the different panties, lovingly examines, rubbing them against her body in appreciation of their softness and eroticism; "Panties a-Plenty". Leah tries them on, reducing them from a pristine state to a nectar soaked, pantied pussy fragrant haven, in her self f**k whilst talking to her boyfriend on the phone. He guides, telling her explicit instructions and activities. he wishes her to complete. Her lover might have playfully spanked her, if he had been with her. for being an untidy girl, leaving her panties strewn across her bed. Leah has many moods, playful, deep and for sure, teasing. Generously she smells her panties.

The third scene is with Leah trying on all the different panties in a full length mirror, posing. 'Mirror, mirror, whom has the prettiest panties of them all?' More exercises follow, in stockings and panties with masturbation. Leah gives you some pussy peeks too of her nice shaved puss-puss. A toy on her panties is right where you'd like to be! "Pink to make the boys wink." Join Leah...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 62 minutes ) Buy Now!!

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