Panty Lez 3 reintroduces more of its enticing wares; ladies who love other ladies including an entree of panty. They kiss and ensure that each other is moist and if not they masturbate. And as you can see below, these women are really into pantied pussy and the contents therein. They love this as much as you do! Whether its panty, vibrators inserted up, and subsequently beautiful vagina, your cock will be hard with this lesbian play. A few gentle spanks on the bottom, don't go amiss occasionally. (Total Duration 72 minutes)

Erika, a brunette and more petite lady and Grazilella, enjoy panty play on the bed. They like to pay lip service to each other, as our pictures show that they graphically display their love in an erotic lesbian romp. Ladies who are soft who make you hard...
"Women who love pantied pussy as much as you do."

Jolie and Precious have fun with each other. Includes kissing and cuddling, breast fondling, vibrator insertions and some down right dirty lesbian play. As Pantiesism's Kylie stated. "Lesbians like pussy."...
"Women who love pantied pussy as much as you do." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Erika and Grazilella (30 minutes) + Jolie and Precious (40 minutes) Duration Total = (72 minutes) Buy Now!!

N e c t a r  t o  m a k e  y o u  n e e d y 

Panty Lez 3 Sampler

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