Once again another hot DVD for you to wank off to! Here we have good old (young actually) Shannah Brooke. If you have been astute enough to buy Shannah`s first DVD then you KNOW what to expect from this new one! Shannah is like a drug, you have to keep having it to satisfy the horny cravings for this sex kitten! I just had to revisit this fox... This time it began at her house. After a cup of Rosie Lea (tea) we settled into the lounge and I had a quick rearrange of the old wedding tackle while she wasn`t looking, this being on account of her being dressed in a shit hot mini skirt and bright orange PVC top! After a chat on the sofa we got down to some business! Fantastic up-skirt shots with Shannah making me sweat like never before, the little minx knew how much she could turn me on just by looking at me!! Anyway, she got into some great positions and as you well know Shannah has THE BEST legs in the f***ing business!! She said to me "Rob, get your ass on the floor cos I'm going to stand over you and play with my pussy over my knickers for you"...! OMG, me argue? Nah.... I was on the deck faster than a pair of lead knickers!! Wanna see the result? well BUY the DVD then....!

Anyway after that we went upstairs to the bedroom, a bit cramped but that's how I like it! After a change of clothes, (NO, I won't say what, I give enough away to you lot as it is, and anyway it`ll be a surprise!) we commenced with some more seriously horny action right there on the bed! Believe me when you watch this you`ll be jacking off all over the damn walls!! In the afternoon we drove over to a little studio that belonged to a mate of her's, he was a bit of a sleaze ball but as I was getting the gaff for free so I shut it! Well, here`s where you see Shannah and me playing "Agent and wannabe model looking for work", yep, me acting ha, yes I am bollox at it but it ain't me your looking at! This scene is GREAT, up-skirt, pussy shots, nice tits down the blouse shots, it's got it all, and Shannah is SOOOOO horny!! Next, Shannah plays a receptionist talking to her boyfriend on the fone, she's bored and he's giving her the old dirty chat on the blower, she gets a wet pussy and .... BUY THE DVD and see for yourself - it`s total cock stiffening fodda!!!!!!! Enjoy!!...
"Naughty ladies who like to show up skirt to their lacy panties for you and often a little more."(Originally analogue mastered - Remastered in DVD - Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 60 minutes) Buy Now!!

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Shannah Brooke 2 Sampler

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