In Victoria 2; A Dew Homage To Panties, Victoria welcomes you with an engaging smile and turns to show her bottom and legs. On the double bed; a glimpse of her pink g string. Long blonde hair, upskirt to panties and her breasts jutting out, from her lowered top. Smiling to tease you further, she pulls together and a brief fleeting glimpse of her pussy, delicately concealed. Rubbing the panty fabric, her pussy is visible through the panty fabric, defining her vagina. Constantly teasing and playing her panties like a violionist, in tune with your cock. The panties toy with her c**t not going up but lapping at the wonders within; a foretaste of future possibilities.

Panty aside, and Victoria's plays with dexterity aganst her soft, tempting muffin. Arching her body, the panties are now under more loving duress, progressing, with her legs vertical, as we love them to be. More vaginal peaks, the panties snuggle further into her, although still not completely within. When turning, her pantied bottom is veiled in only a strip of fabric covering her bottom delights.

"I knew how much you love my panties, but I guess you love what's underneath, so much more. Shall I show you?" Panty finds its pathway into Victoria's love box. She prepares like a lady who might sell her used panties to discerning clients who crave pussy scent. Totally naked, the panties stay up her and festooned, in part over her. Victoria's wipes all her excessive dew off into the confirms of the panties. She bites the panties with her teeth expressively and stretches them over her body - frantic masturbation accompanied by lovely feminine sighs.

One finger is up her, frigging herself off. Close up on her face and her finger is being suckled, opening her vagina further to a pink moist minge.

Next scene; Victoria bites playfully at the top of the body oil suggestive of a cock kiss. She oils her body and says, "Take Out Your cock and give it a good workout. She talks about her Spanish holiday and that her orgasm was greater because you were watching her. Her body is framed by long blonde hair and reclines to emphasise her curves. Pink top off, panties more frilly and ornate, though still pinky, lowered and close up of her box. She pours the lotion above her vagina and lets it wander where it may, especially centered on the intensification and highlight of her pussy details. And Victoria always wants to taste her pussy outpourings; a "Dew Homage To Panties." Her oil is running out and Victoria enquires if you have a similiar liquid that would also nourish her skin. "Could you masturbate really hard and give me enough sperm to cover my body?"..Filmed In Wide screen "Pantyvisionarama"...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 28 minutes ) Buy Now!!

A m b r o s i a   f o r   y o u r   p e n i s  

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