Victoria sits on a couch; attired in a black skirt and white blouse, with the added glimpse of pink panty. She changes her position on the couch to grant you attractive views of her legs, coupled by panty crotch. Pulling her panties aside, showing pubic hair rather than pussy. "I know how much you like to see what's under these sexy pink panties." Victoria wistfully covers her panty crotch designed for expedient arousal. The blouse next, stripping it off, to a lacy white bra. Nice teasing eyes on you. After lifting her little black skirt up, so panty again in sight, and seductively disrobes from her bra; blonde hair now falling pleasingly between her breasts. She kneads them, smiling. The black dress drops, readusting her panty, depicted at a back viewpoint. Just panty and bra, again from behind as camera moves into lateral and frontal positions.

Panty play ensues, the Victoria removes her panty with practiced skill and presents her private area. Her panties, significantlty stay drapped between her one foot and another ankle, until finally they are completely off. Panty contains much erotic appeal and further panty play over her slit. "It's not only you who likes to masturbate when I'm feeling like this. I like to as well," as camera zooms into her crotch. Eye contact aplenty; lipstick red, pussy is reaching moisture and partly revealed. Victoria masturbates further and you watch from a different angle, the insistant and steady, insistant touch of her fingers. "Do you know what I am thinking about as I play with myself? I am thinking of your hot come shooting up my pussy!" Breathless sighs from Victoria as she climaxes.

Blue dress, Victoria on bed, her dress is slipping, as her right breast juts out. "Oops looks like I had a little accident." Victoria has that provocative smile which breaks into a grin that silently states wouldn't you like to. Fully topless, beautiful long legs scenes. Lifting her skirt, while still lying on her bed, to parade pale blue panties. The flower enhanced panty, Victoria rubs and spread her legs, just covering feminine lure; a treasure house of all things enchanting. "Do you want to see what's inside? Is it playtime again?" Her vagina is noticable moist. She stands up touching her body, turning for a bottom view. Panty play, as Victoria teases you, with panty aside as she continually pries and preens your c**k. Wow!. This occasion, far greater detail of her wet fox. The blue dress is shucked off and we watch collectively from the back and front of Victoria. She smiles warmingly, as she pulls her panty across, full view of her pussy. Playing with her long blonde tresses, of equal interest is the more shorter hair encompassing her vagina. Panties now resting at her ankles. she mounts the bed, bottom on display, altering her position for maximum effect, massaging her adorable vagina, enveloping it wide, with lovely indentations and pink whorls, and pockets of vibrant inner flesh. "Rub your co*k harder as you gaze at my pussy. See how wet I am getting for you." Very open and overt, nearing a Gynecological prospective; luscious twirls and delicate caverns of intimte intrigue. "I don't spread it wide for anyone! This is just for you!" Pink and red hued splendour. "Look deep inside. Feel the sperm building in your balls! It's ready to burst so don't try to hold out any longer!" Ultra close-up. "Let it all GO. I really hope you came lots, as you looked inside my pussy. You can count on me to give you all the inspiration you will ever need so that masturbating is extra special, everytime." Then some alternative views of her vagina. Victoria concludes smiling with her panties dangling between her lips. Filmed In Wide screen "Pantyvisionarama"...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue sound track - Duration 30 minutes ) Buy Now!!

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