Victoria is shocked to catch you going through her panty drawers and decides she should punish you, but also get some sexual enjoyment herself. She licks her stocking legs and presents herself, on a table in a neat package, as if she is your special gift to be taken when you see fit. "Have you been smelling them? Have you been licking them? Do you like smelling my dirty knickers? If you love my knickers so much, you can put them on right now. I can feel my c*nt getting all lovely and wet, as you stroke your cock through my panties." Victoria stands, while rubbing her black panties, "Look at that stiff prick, trying to get out of them to f*ck me!"

In the bathroom, Victoria goes through an assortment of bras, stockings and panties. "My clean knickers. It won't be clean for long if you get your hands on it, or should I say cock on it. Let me find a nice and dirty pair of my knickers to wash. Will wash all my pussy juice out." It will infuriate you when she teasingly washes the lovely pussy moisture out of her panties. And she admonishes you gently for wanting to soil poor ladies panties. Pristine panties, she reminds you allow your cock to dirty them. Victoria with either panties or stockings, loves to wrap them around two or three fingers, imagining and simulating, them wrapped around your cock, stroking them, for an empathetic f*ck. "Nice white panties! Sheer white panties for you to wrap around your cock."

Victoria, attends to her panty laundry, holding panties up, bra's and some seamed black stockings. It seems to make her vagina wet the thought of you soiling all her lovely feminine garments. She is very proud of her panties, and often smells them, holding them up admiringly, playfully teasing you, taking them out of the red laundry basket. Then she puts all her feminine frillies, neatly on the bed. A little while later, "Do you like watching me rubbing my knickers? You'd like to see how wet they are! Would you like to suck my pussy through them? Sticking your tongue right here, tasting my juicy c*nt. Do you like getting me all wet?" Although, she knows you like to make her c**t wet. Victoria takes a pair of her nylon stocking wraps them around her finger and pretends that they are wrapped around your cock. On the bed she really gets herself off. "How wet you have made my pussy!"

All decorum gone, and deep in lust, "Oh. I like rubbing my c*nt. My c*nt's all wet, thinking about you rubbing your prick. Your dirty prick in my knickers. My c*nt's getting wet, so wet!" She licks her pussy enhanced fingers. "I want you to f*ck." Repeating herself, her vagina joining in the plea. "Shoot your sticky spunk all over my pants, while I f*ck my pussy with these knickers!" in a tight wad now deep within her. "F*ck my pussy with these knickers." You love her panty and pussy - she loves your cock and all its outpourings, especially if into her pretty panties, her seamed stockings or her delicate bra. Victoria's pussy also craves an attentive penis. Licking her black damp panties - a parting present...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 58 minutes ) Buy Now!!

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