"Do you want me to put something inside it?" Ashton bends over in her black skirt showing her beautiful shapely long legs and white panty up skirt peeps, from behind. To the couch, legs crossed, opened, crossed. Sweet white pantied pussy. Lots of open legged teasy views. She reads a news magazine as you try to read her any slight indentation of her concealed pussy lips. Mmmmmmmm. "Is this nice to look at?" she teasingly asks. White pristine panties covering beautiful partly shaven pussy. Oh yes! "Do you want me to put something inside it?" Standing above, "Do you want to look up my skirt?" She lifts her black skirt repeatedly, falling back into place, a number of times. Many scenes for you of perving up from lower positions to both pantied and unpantied cunny, with Ashton directly above. "Bet you'd like to see me do this without my panties on?"Ashton confides she has been a naughty girl after showing her beautiful nineteen year old quim, for seven to eight minutes, as she stands above you.

She smiles as if indicative of the lovely white panty performance she is giving you. "Does this pleasure your cock?", as she stands above you lifting her skirt for white panty show and tell. White panties off to a close up view of her partly shaven haven. Below views, of her topless and the delicacy of nude crotch. "Do you want to pull it out and jerk it?" To finish, Pantiesism spiel, pretty panties, and the panty wet spot and demonstration of like and an indiscreet panty change into pale blue panties...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 33 minutes ) Buy Now!!

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