"I'm here to give you a little panty show!" She bends down and her panties cling to her ass, as we gaze at her from behind at her behind. "Do you want to sit down and play?"Adjusting the top of her pale blue panties with dark purple trim, she sits on the couch, legs spread showing her beautiful panty crotch. While Ashton tugs on her panties you'll have plenty of time to get off. She takes her striped top off - later the black bra, teasingly like a stripper, time to build up both suspense and excitement. Topless panty tease. "Do you get hot watching me pull on my panties? Does it make you play with your cock? I'd love to play with your cock!"

Legs upright in the air give you another studied opportunity to gaze upon her."Do you want me to hold on your cock and jerk on it?" Ashton is such a bad girl, talking about your cock, exactly what a beautiful young woman should aspire to! "Bet you want to see what's underneath my panties?"She smiles naughtily. "Come all over me! I want you to come whenever and on whatever you want." A question for your cock! Cream her lovely long hair! "I'd love you to come all over my back and ass."
"Do you like my innocent angel panties?" More new panties and Aston enquiries "Do you like the pretty flowers?" Ashton puts on lots of panties and opens her legs, giving your long gorgeous views of her pantied quim. Heaps of seductive panties and knowing smiles and she says "Cock" a lot. The genre of panty tease never had such an exciting practitioner...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 62 minutes ) Buy Now!!

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